Building the B Corporation Revolution

B Corporations harness the power of business to solve social or environmental problems and measure their impact performance according to the B Corporation metrics. Because B Corporations report performance across key operations attributes, investors have greater access to performance data, and better insight into the business’s fundamentals.

For Investors, B Revolution Capital provides a dealflow channel, syndication hub, and educational resource center for investors interested in investing in B Corporations.

For Ventures, B Revolution Capital provides B Corporation ventures interested in raising mission-aligned capital with a network of investors, brokers, and strategic advisors, as well as webinar meetings and investor salons to promote exposure.

Providing Investors with Impact Measurement and Portfolio Management Tools

Investing in companies with ethical business practices isn’t just a moral duty — it’s an opportunity to mitigate risk and generate an economically sustainable competitive advantage.  In game theory, those who defect may achieve short-term wins, but those who cooperate perform better over the long run.  Our services help funds focus on investing in businesses with practices that collaborate with stakeholders to create shared value.

B Revolution provides the following services to funders considering capitalizing on impact investment opportunities:

  1. Metrics Development.
  2. GIIRS Ratings.
  3. Full Portfolio Certification.

Providing B Corporation Ventures with Access to Mission-Aligned Capital 

B Revolution Capital focuses on high-growth-potential certified B Corporations with an investment need of between $5 million and $25 million. With the support of its advisors, sponsors, and affiliates, the association hosts investor education symposiums, investor salons, and virtual webinars allowing investor members to preview certified dealflow.  B Revolution Capital’s leadership selects applicants to present their ventures in the webinars, and provides a community through which investors can collaborate on due diligence and investment syndication.

In addition, B Revolution provides the following services to companies seeking growth capital:

  1. Business Development.
  2. Business Planning.
  3. Financial Analysis.
  4. Brokering.

B Corporations: A Movement of Best Practices for the 21st Century

The B Corporation certification is a third-party certification that looks comprehensively at the entire business, including governance, supply chain, employees, civic engagement, business policies and processes, and social and environmental impacts, not just product attributes (e.g. Organic, Fair Trade, or LEED). By looking at over 140 points of analysis within each business, B Corporation certification identifies those businesses which achieve sustainable impacts, and scores their performance on a scale of 200. Well-known B Corporations include Patagonia, Warby Parker, Seventh Generation, Etsy, Ben & Jerry’s, and Method.

In the past four years, over 780 businesses have become B Corporation-certified, and over 4,000 have started using the B Corporation impact assessment tool. Meanwhile, legislation supporting B Corporations has been passed in 11 states in just three years, evidencing widespread and often-unanimous legislative support.

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