RSF Social Investment Fund, Inc. Prospectus

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The Fund

RSF Social Investment Fund, Inc. (the “Fund”) is a tax-exempt non-profit social finance organization whose principal business is making loans to support mission-aligned enterprises, with a focus on the following sectors:

  • Food & Agriculture;
  • Education & the Arts; and
  • Ecological Stewardship.

The Offering

The Notes offered through this Prospectus are debt obligations that mature at every calendar quarter end. Notes may be issued in any amount not less than $1,000. The interest rate on the Notes is adjusted quarterly and is based on market rates, macroeconomic conditions, and stakeholder input, as described more fully under the heading “Interest Rate Pricing,” beginning on page 9. In the past twelve months, the interest rate has been 1.00%.

The Fund does not issue equity securities. There are no stock options outstanding or to be created in connection with this offering. The offering is made only on behalf of the Fund. There are no promoters working with the Fund.

Risk Factors

This investment involves significant risks (see “Investment Risk Factors,” beginning on page 6). You should only invest in the Notes if you can afford to lose your investment. For example:

  •  There is no public market for the Notes, and it is not expected that a public market will develop.
  •  The Notes are subject to significant restrictions on transferability under the federal securities law and the securities laws of most states.
  •  As a holder of the Notes you will have no right to require the Fund to register the Notes under either federal law or the law of any state.
  •  These restrictions may require that investors retain the Notes until their maturity, even if it is economically undesirable to do so. Investors must not need liquidity in this investment and must have independent means of providing for their current and future needs and contingencies.