B Revolution, Inc. Annual Benefit Report

Annual Benefit Report


B Revolution, Inc.


B Revolution, Inc. was founded July 21, 2011 as a Maryland Benefit Corporation operating primarily in the State of California.  From 2011-2012, our primary business consisted of consulting to for-profit social enterprises.  We donated a substantial portion of our time in the form of pro bono services assisting startup and distressed non-profit corporations, and in the form of volunteer speaking engagements to educate the community about crafting socially and environmentally responsible business models.  We helped each client prepare their business plan, legal structure, and B Corporation certification infrastructure before preparing them to raise the capital they needed to grow.  In our last fiscal year, we helped craft strategy for four early-stage responsible companies, and have helped mentor dozens of entrepreneurs while planning their social enterprise strategies.  By fostering the proliferation of socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable enterprises, we contribute positively to society and create a distinctive public benefit.

Mission Statement: To build the social enterprise revolution through the creation of successful socially and environmentally beneficial enterprises.

Third-Party Assessment: As a company dedicated to using the B Corporation assessment as a tool to create strategic shared value, we found the B Corporation tool an ideal selection: we wouldn’t preach something we didn’t practice. As of September 4, 2012, B Revolution, Inc. has submitted its B Corporation assessment for review by B Lab.

We use our assessment performance to frame the discussion of our creation of general public benefit over the past year.

 Assessment Overview

Total Pts.  Percent
Overall Rating 96.1
Governance 19.5 91.8%
Corporate Accountability 14.3 93.5%
Transparency 5.3 87.5%
Workers N/A N/A
Compensation, Benefits & Training N/A N/A
Worker Ownership N/A N/A
Work Environment N/A N/A
Community 66.1 67.8%
Community Products & Services N/A N/A
Products 22.5 75.0%
Community Practices 42.7 58.1%
Suppliers & Distributors 6.9 57.1%
Local Involvement 15.6 86.8%
Diversity 11.9 59.3%
Job Creation 0.0 100.0%
Civic Engagement & Giving 8.3 35.6%
Environment 10.5 52.3%
Environmental Products & Services 0.0 0.0%
Environmental Practices 9.6 52.3%
Land, Office, Plant 5.2 71.2%
Inputs 2.8 40.0%
Outputs 1.7 40.0%
Suppliers & Transportation N/A N/A


We take corporate governance very seriously at B Revolution.  Our adherence to oversight and preservation of values through our board of directors and internal practices earned us 91.8% in this section of our Assessment.

Material factors include:

  • Corporate Accountability – our board meets quarterly, reviewing our financials as well as our social and environmental performance
  • Transparency – We have strong client protection practices and multiple channels for stakeholder feedback.


We have a very strong commitment to our community. We scored 67.8% on our assessment.  Our major community impacts result from our choice of suppliers, which primarily consist of our own consultants and attorneys.  

Factors contributing to our success:

  • Female suppliers – over one-third of B Revolution Consulting consultants and half of B Revolution Consulting owners are women.
  • Local – Most of our prior-year contractors are local (with 200 miles of Los Angeles)
  • Banking – we have chosen to bank with Wescom Credit Union, a non-profit community-focused credit union here in Los Angeles.
  • We are a Benefit Corporation, ensuring our mission will be maintained over time
  • We have created policies on sourcing giving preference to local, minority/woman-owned, and environmentally and socially responsible providers wherever possible.


As a virtual, knowledge-based company, our environmental impacts are low, relatively speaking.  That said, we need to be more effective at capturing hard data on our energy usage and GHG emissions.  This accounts for our middling Assessment score of 52.3%.

Factors positively contributing to our performance:

  • Policies – we have strong policies on waste, recycling and sustainable office and janitorial product sourcing
  • Energy efficiency – we use energy star appliances and energy efficient lighting and HVAC at our facility

Going Forward

B Revolution, Inc. will continue to carry out its mission through positive changes which will improve its impacts on all stakeholders:

  • B Revolution Consulting will move into new offices in our local community of Santa Monica, CA
  • B Revolution Consulting will begin to transition its consultant contractors to full-time employees
  • B Revolution Consulting will execute its newly-developed charitable giving plan to benefit local and national social enterprise stakeholders
  • ezBcorp will launch to provide low-cost services to catalyze the social enterprise movement
  • ezBcorp will provide discounts on services to social enterprises located in low-income communities or owned by economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs



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