2012 Economic Forecast

Insights from Small and Mid-Sized Business Owners 2012 Economic Forecast: Insights from Small and Mid-Sized Business Owners January 18th, 2012 John K. Paglia, Ph.D., CFA, CPA Associate Professor of Finance

Impact Investing: Harnessing Capital Markets to Solve Problems at Scale

There is not enough charitable and government capital to meet the social and environmental challenges we face. Where, then, will we find the money to complement charity and government to bring solutions to scale? The Rockefeller Foundation launched its Harnessing the Power of Impact Investing initiative in November 2008 because … Continued

Social Investment Manual // A Guide for Social Entrepreneurs

The basis for this manual was laid at a social entrepreneurs gathering during the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of New Champions in Tianjin (China) in September 2010. Thirty social entrepreneurs in the Schwab Foundation community came together from all continents to share their current challenges and deliberate how these … Continued

RSF Social Investment Fund, Inc. Prospectus

The Fund RSF Social Investment Fund, Inc. (the “Fund”) is a tax-exempt non-profit social finance organization whose principal business is making loans to support mission-aligned enterprises, with a focus on the following sectors: Food & Agriculture; Education & the Arts; and Ecological Stewardship. The Offering The Notes offered through this … Continued

Insight into the Impact Investment Market

An in-depth analysis of investor perspectives and over 2,200 transactions Impact investment survey, one year on Impact investments are investments intended to create positive impact alongsidefinancial return. Over the past few years, traditional investors have been increasinglyinterested by the nascent impact investment market and in 2010, the Global ImpactInvesting Network (“GIIN”), … Continued