Achieve and Optimize your B Corporation Score

It is one thing to pursue B Corporation certification; it is another to achieve it; and it is yet another to optimize a firm’s B Corporation score and performance. B Corporation certification standards vary according to firm size and industry, and B Revolution’s experts assist clients in aligning certification goals with operational strategy in all matters related to the B Corporation certification.

B Revolution provides three types of B Corporation services:
  • Achieving Certification through Profit-Aligned Model, Program, and Policy Development
  • Optimizing Certification by analyzing market opportunities related to clients’ core competencies through the lens of B Corporation scoring elements
  • Maintaining Certification by coaching board members, facilitating stakeholder engagement, and assisting with policy compliance and annual reporting

Through each service, B Revolution helps clients structure optimal policies and practices to maximize impact and generate the highest-possible B Corporation score.


A Systematic Approach

B Revolution advisors are experts in B Corporation certification for all industries and business models. We work with clients to develop impact models, programs, and policies that comply with B Corporation standards. We guarantee that our clients will become certified at the earliest possible date.

Using Core Competencies to Boost Scores and Enhance Profitability

Our team works systematically with clients to discover and develop internal core competencies that can be leveraged to enhance the B Corporation score. We believe that the B Corporation certification is not merely a stamp for responsible businesses: we treat the metrics as a roadmap to greater long-term profitability.  By using B Corporation metrics to guide business planning, we enhance the bottom line while increasing measurable impacts across all sectors.



Keeping what you worked hard to earn – and leveraging it to build stakeholder relationships.

KPMG International’s 2011 international survey of CSR reporting trends worldwide wrote that, for vanguard companies, “Reporting is more than just a book, website, or data set. It is a continuous process that must involve and reflect the needs of its stakeholders.”

Companies that wish to leverage sustainable practices to enhance profitability and build stakeholder relationships need to adopt interactive reporting principles. B Revolution advisors assist clients with all of the following, and more:

  • Integrating reporting with social and new media
  • Developing a compelling narrative that builds the brand
  • Using sustainable practices to build discussion and interaction
  • Keeping interactions timely, so that your brand achieves and retains relevance