B Revolution, Inc. Annual Benefit Report

Annual Benefit Report of B Revolution, Inc.   B Revolution, Inc. was founded July 21, 2011 as a Maryland Benefit Corporation operating primarily in the State of California.  From 2011-2012, our primary business consisted of consulting to for-profit social enterprises.  We donated a substantial portion of our time in the form … Continued

Does the 501(c)3 have legitimate brand power?

For a long time, consumers, donors, and, generally, members of the public have presumed that nonprofits are trustworthy public servants and stewards of the public good. This essay questions the legitimacy of those assumptions by posing a hypothetical set of circumstances, contemplating how those circumstances would be treated under the … Continued

Challenges in SVC

In this post I address three key challenges in SVC: Investment impact protections and asset-locking provisions, which provide deal certainty for investors by providing a guarantee that assets will be used to create impact; SROI/EROI metrics, which are used to quantify social and environmental returns on investment; Investor familiarity, prudently … Continued